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    Whatever your Paving Stone project – walkway, patio or driveway in Los Angeles – owe know all there is to know about how to install pavers that are decorative, durable and affordable.

    Homeowners often choose to install pavers driveway or pavers patio:

    Homeowners often choose pavers installation for driveways or patios due to their decorative and aesthetic appeals since they overall enhance the style and elegance of the house. Moreover, a well installed and beautiful driveway or patio may render the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces, while adding value to the property. We offer exceptional ranges of colors (rust, chestnut red, dusty grey, terracotta, sandy gold, chocolate brown, forest green, etc.), patterns, textures, sizes and shapes that offer a variety of choices to suit an individual's needs.

    There are four basic materials for paver construction:

    -Brick Pavers:
    Usually traditional bricks and clay are processed in a kiln for added sturdiness and strength, and then used for driveways since they offer both sophistication and elegance.

    -Concrete Pavers:
    These pavers are usually preferred for driveways and offer to create replica of brick pavers or natural stone pavers along with creative and trendy appearance at almost half the price.

    -Stone Pavers:
    These pavers are made from stones like sandstone, brownstone, limestone or granite and offer a classy combination of natural ambience and elegance with added benefit of durability owing to natural strength of stones.

    Some designs in Patio Pavers: Install Paving Stones

    -Herringbone: zigzag type design, perfect for irregular surfaces

    -Basket weave: appropriate for casual needs of driveway

    -Running bind: curve pattern for use in small areas

    -Circle design: pavers are installed in a circle

    -Fan design: usually used for walkways

    -Random and Mixed design: used about 3 to 4 types of pavers to create an audacious effect.

    One must carefully look at safety, style, comfort, patio surface and surroundings, and climatic conditions while choosing the material and design for a patio or driveway. One can even choose to use color blending to get exclusive patio designs.

    Benefits of Pavers Driveway/Patio:

    There are numerous reasons why homeowners are interested in paving installations:

    - They are comfortable to walk since they offer slip resistance and attractive finishes.

    - They add to the classy appearance and exterior aesthetics to any home.

    - They are easy to install and repair, last long, require low maintenance and are affordable to install.

    - They are less susceptible to cracking as the pavers are laid out on gravel and sand in a form of individual units that can shift with the earth movements.

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